Enactment date: 22 August 2012

Last revised: 17 March 2024

 Bridge Life Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") specializes in "real estate brokerage, moving in, living support, old private houses (renovated), and introduction of full-time and part-time workers" for foreign residents.

 We fully aware of our social responsibility to protect the personal data we handle, and will protect the rights and interests of the individual and comply with laws and regulations concerning personal data.

 In addition, we hereby declare that we have established a personal data protection management system to implement the following policy, and that we will make company-wide efforts to continuously improve the system while always being aware of the latest IT technology trends, changes in social demands, and fluctuations in the business environment.

a ) With respect to personal data handled in the course of our business, hiring employees, personnel management, etc., we will acquire, use, and provide personal data appropriately within the scope of the purposes of use specified in advance, and will not handle personal data beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use (use for purposes other than the original intent). Appropriate measures will also be taken for this purpose.

b ) We will comply with laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other norms regarding the handling of personal data.

c ) We will take reasonable security measures against risks such as unauthorized access to personal data and leakage, loss, or damage of personal data, and will continuously improve our personal data security system by injecting management resources that match the actual conditions of our business. In addition, we have established internal rules for correcting inappropriate matters, and will protect personal data to the best of our ability.

d ) We have established internal rules for handling complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal data, and we will respond to complaints and consultations promptly and in good faith.

e ) We will review our personal data protection management system in a timely and appropriate manner in light of changes in the environment in which we operate, and continuously promote its improvement.

f ) We will use the information obtained from your inquiries and applications for our mail magazine only within the scope of the purposes of use specified in advance, such as mail magazines sent out by us, and will not use the information for any other purposes. Appropriate measures will be taken for this purpose.

This policy shall be distributed to all executives and employees to make them thoroughly aware of it, and shall be made available to any person at any time.

Bridge Life Co., Ltd. Masahito Tobita, President

The subject ends herewith.

Bridge Life Co., Ltd.Personal Data Inquiry Desk

Personal Data Protection Manager